Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another Rainy Day, hmmm what to do...

Well, here I am finally, it's been a while, I know.  I had my parents come to visit (I sure do miss them) and my son Ethan turned 10, so now all my kids are double digits, and very soon (like 6 days) we will have a teenager in our home!  Yikes!!  So if you do the math that's 3 kids in three years, yuppers, chaos has been here for many years now :)  Don't know how to live without it honestly.  If it's too quiet I get a little goofy.  OK goofier than normal.  I'm used to my kids calling me weird so I can admit it.  We had a great weekend with family, some laughs and of course cake.  I did manage to get some things accomplished, and didn't go online a whole lot.
Sooo here I sit and it's raining outside (we do need it so forest fire season doesn't get out of control) so I really don't want to complain.  It just looks so darn gloomy out there.  I guess I will go to my 'studio' hahaha and hopefully, my sewing machine and create.....

I showed my Dad my new old Honda Trail dirt bike, yes the same one I was complaining about a couple of posts back, but I gotta say, that I LOVE it. 

I have claimed it as mine and my children think I'm weird when I ride it, but OMG it brings me back to my 'kid' days.  I attempted to ride to a girlfriends place but my hands got too cold, lol, so I will try again another day.  My Dad thought it was kinda cool too, hope he doesn't mind that I'm posting a pic of him, heehee.  I made a yummy treat for my Dad too while they were here.  He was looking for some yummy cinnamon buns at the Market and they just didn't look yummy enough, so I made some.  Now the temps here have not exactly been scorching so the dough didn't rise to my liking overnight, but they still tasted pretty good, may have to make them sooner than later.
Not a one left when my Mom, and I, and my youngest daughter Larissa returned from a fund raising girl guide breakfast.  So I guess they tasted alright.

Now I had been nagging my hubby to make me a serving tray (most likely never to be used as such) and he finally did.  I rounded up left over pine boards, snagged some free handles off of tossed out cabinets (yet another moment my kids thought I was weird, I grabbed a screw driver and scooted on over to the pile of smashed wood left by who knows who outside of a school and proceeded to save the handles from a trip to the landfill) a quick coat of paint and glaze and they looked 'vintage', then I distressed the whole thing, stained, waxed and voila;
Once completed he thought it looked so much better than the wood box he built just a half an hour before.  I now have it on my coffee table with a few treasures inside on display.  If only he trusted my visions, yeesh....
I have worked on a few other projects over the last few days as well and will post pics soon, but on a vintage note, a friend stopped over to give my Dad and hubby a ride in his cool vintage car.  My Dad is a huge, huge, car enthusiast.  It definitely put a smile on his face, my hubby has already been for ride in the car, but gladly went for another.  This pic I believe has the hydraulics totally lowered to the ground., the entire trunk is loaded with batteries to operate the hydraulic lift system and oh ya a huge stereo system too.
Happy Thursday everyone, will return soon, I promise.

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