Friday, 11 May 2012

where does the time go???

Well it has been another whirl wind week.  My oldest became a teenager on Wednesday, and, Thursday I took her to the airport to go on her own for a cheerleading competition in Niagra Falls!  Yikes, like that didn't hit me a bit hard.  I did manage to hold back the tears until walking out of the airport into my van.  I took a moment to breath and wipe away the tears I have to tell ya.....My 'baby' was leaving on a plane without me :(  *huge sigh* 
K my lemon cookies, just so you know, were really quite yummy and did not last long at all, just a little distraction so I don't well up with tears again, lol.

OK now back to the start of the week;  I had my volunteer stuff to do at the kids school, then prepare for the birthday, my daughter decided Monday night that she would like cake pops for Wednesday, oh and chocolate cake too please.  Hmmm, seriously?  OK.... I can do that, turning 13 and all, is kind of a milestone, OK.  When I woke on Tuesday morning and was prepping to head to the school I realized that I was making, only 7-8 dozen hotdogs for the kids at school on Wednesday, how was this cake pop thing going to happen?  Ugh!  Again deep breath OK, think this out......So I went to the school to collect the hotdog orders, left the school with the orders to take home, instead of staying to go thru them, and head to the Bulk Barn for supplies for the cake pops and grocery store for the chocolate cake ingredients. (Did I forget to mention that my son Ethan was going to have some friends for his birthday party Saturday, um ya, so he requested cheese cake and I thought maybe dirt cakes would go as well, just in case, hard to believe, that maybe one of the boys doesn't like cheesecake)(Oh and have I mentioned I'm crazy, ya, just so you know) Anyway on I went about my merry way to get dessert fixings and get home to figure this whole thing out, and ya, I bought the weiners but forgot the buns for the school :(  grrrr....oh well they will have to wait.  My daughter got home from school, I drove her to Cheer practice and returned home to my other two getting off the bus, fed them a snack, sat down to write some kind of list so I didn't forget anything else, start supper, of homemade soup that I promised I would make, and go out again to pick up my daughter after her cheer practice.  I bought flowers for my Mom who would be coming to visit Wednesday with my Dad and tidied up the house.  Homework, play time and I was pooped and off I went to bed.  Did you notice I did not mention the hotdog orders, or buns, yup, I set my alarm for 6am so I could wake early and count hotdog slips, sort them out, begin to cook the vanilla cake for the cake pops and chocolate cakes for the fudge cake.  Happy Birthday Alina!!  Make only two lunches, thank goodness my daughters friends were taking her out for lunch, and get everyone out the door to school.  (Hubby is working day shifts so he isn't much help in the mornings cuz he leaves early).  I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry in and on the clothes line, crumble the cooled vanilla cake for the pops, and prep that, let the chocolate cakes sit and cool until I returned from buying the buns and scooting to the school to cook and serve the dogs....breath....OK, I got home, layered the chocolate cake, iced it, decorated it and I'm off again to pick up my daughter and a couple of her BFFs at school and bring them home to hang out together.   Melt the coloured wafers to cover the cake pops, discovered the pops weren't cool enough, so I put them in the freezer to chill a bit more, then cover them, and by this time my other two kids had come home from school....breath....snacks made up, and cake pops were completed, not so pop like as I also forgot to buy floral foam, so they are upside down pops, just as good, and they looked good too.  Now on to dinner at the restaurant of choice by my daughter where my parents were waiting and my hubby got off a wee bit early and was there as well...breath... a water would be great thanks :)  We ate, we giggled and we returned home to have our desserts with the rest of the family, all was delicious.  I finally sat and had a coffee and enjoyed my chocolate cake, oops I mean my daughters chocolate cake, heehee! 
A few pics of what was created on Wednesday, the ingredients needed for the cake pops;
the cooled vanilla cake, cooked, crumbled and mixed with half a container of icing to make the cake pop 'dough', covered in plastic wrap to chill further to roll into balls. 
I used my Pampered Chef scoop to make the size of the pops the same, rolled them out, placed on parchment paper, dots of cookie icing on the ends of the sticks to use as glue and pushed the sticks into the rolled dough and put in the fridge, then the freezer to chill further. (this chilling step is necessary so when covering them they don't fall off the sticks and into the melted wafer liquid)
Sorry I don't have a pic of the melted wafer, covering process, I was a bit rushed to get them all done before heading out for dinner, and totally forgot to click a pic.  I used the double boiler method for the wafers, I like that way the best, over microwaving, then spooned the melted liquid over the rolled dough on the sticks and twirled them to get rid of the excess coating.  None fell off the sticks :) Yay!
Ta Da, the finished product, my daughter wanted blue as her colours so I choose turquoise coloured  and white coloured wafers to coat, along with coordinating coloured sugar.  just so you know the white sugar does not show up on the turquoise coloured melted wafer coating, so just plain they were, no worries.  A few of them had cracked coatings after returning them to the fridge until it was time to eat, but by no means did it ruin them.  I love the crack of the coating when you bite into them, it's all good to me.
All the desserts completed and ready to be eaten, oh I have a single pic of the yummy, chocolatey cake as well.
It isn't fancy and not hard to make, Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix, Betty Crocker chocolate icing, I did spread the bottom layer with homemade jam for moisture and a sweet flavour in the middle, chocolate shavings for decoration, and biddeep, biddeep, biddeep, that's all folks.  Yummy chocolatey goodness right there.  I may or may not have been, craving this cake for over a week, and I may have ever so quietly suggested she have this one, maybe?
It didn't last long, my Dad and I had the last two pieces in the morning for breakfast with our coffee, mmmmm and it was just what I needed.
Now her BFFs slept over on the school night, so I had a couple extra lunches to make in the morning after, but no biggie, she managed to pack all her things and have them all ready for me to grab when I had to pick her up at school and take her to the (sniffle sniffle) airport.  She returns on Monday, Yay!!   So, that was my week, for the most part.  I had a good visit with my parents, they left for their home today (Friday) and they will be back in 8 days for me to take them to the airport as they venture off to London, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. for a few weeks of travel.  They are both retired and lovin it.  I will push for them to move here more when they return, I told my Dad he had a year of retirement before I started harassing him to move, and that year is almost up.  My sister lives here as well, and has one son so it only makes sense that they move here to be closer to their grandchildren, right?  Right!  Thanks, I knew you felt the same way I do.
Well, I must put some laundry on the clothes line, and get going with my to do list, That cheesecake isn't going to make itself, and I want to do some building/creating/crafting.  Just got a phone call that our Habitat Restore is having another sale, yippy, got to go check on some more deals on used treasures.  I will post some pics of the dirt cake, if you are unsure of what I was talking about, and hopefully whip up a few things this weekend as well, chat at ya on Monday.
Have a super fantabulous weekend everyone, the sun is shining here and hope it is where you are too, if you like what you see, follow me, and I will post more for you to read :)

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