Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Our weather is cooperating nicely this weekend.  The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, just perfect for Mother's Day weekend.  I have to say I'm a little sad, as my Mom left for her hometown Friday and my first Mother's Day gift ever isn't in town either.  Heehee, my oldest daughter was born on Mother's Day 13 years ago, the best Mother's Day gift ever.  And, ever since then, my family has always been together for brunch on Mother's Day at my house.  This year, we changed it up a little and my son had his friends to sleep over for his birthday party.  First they went bowling and had lunch, then they went to the kids arcade, and then McDonald's for ice cream. 
A pic of their dirt cakes;
all the fixings needed to make the cakes
the finished dirt cakes
So, I thought I would plug the little holes in the bottom of the flower pots (purchased at Dollarama, 10 pack for $1) with tin foil inside, but turned out that scotch tape on the outside bottom of the pots worked even better, so crumble already baked chocolate cake in the bottom of the pots, put a spoon full of chocolate pudding then insert a couple of gummy worms, and sprinkle with cookie crumbs on top and there you have dirt cakes.  They are yummy and a hit with the boys, although they were a little on the full side to eat much when they returned home, didn't eat them until about 8pm, oh well.

Now just a heads up in case you thought about having a group of boys sleep over, they are real life Energizer Bunnies, I kid you not, my goodness, they just keep going and going and going!  At least 9 and 10 year old boys do, coffee couldn't be made quick enough come morning, lol.  They had so much fun, played out side most of the afternoon and evening, ate too much food, but did manage to get some sleep, again thank goodness.  Sooo, in the morning I made cinnamon pull apart bread and served fruit, and waffles as well in case some didn't like the cinnamon pull apart bread.  Ya right, not much left for us non boy party members *sigh*  They played a little more outside before Dad's came to pick them up in the morning to go and celebrate Mother's Day with their Mom's.  I crashed a little on the couch with my coffee and my family and I just hung out at home, made a visit to Canadian Tire, bought some dirt, seeds, mulch and pots, and had take out Greek Salad for supper, and left over cheesecake for dessert.  Just perfect really, simple, and delicious.  On our way home we noticed this cloud in the sky;
same cloud, we just drove a little more down the road and I took another picture.   Sorry, the pics are taken on my iPhone, wished I had my camera but you get the idea still.  Wow, it was quite windy then and Lake Superior was covered in white caps, but the sun was shining and it was still warm outside, not a tornado, thankfully just a cloud.
This morning I pick up my oldest daughter at the airport, YAY!!!
Can't wait to talk in person instead of texting non stop, and give her a huge hug, (I missed her sooo much) she had a great time, they earned a trophy for their efforts, only one injury (not my daughter) (and, not serious) all the girls survived and are stoked for next years Cheer leading.
Hope every one had a fantastic weekend with loved ones, whether or not it was a mother, and will chat soon.

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