Sunday, 23 September 2012

Where have I been???

Wow I certainly haven't been here in a long time.  Summer has come to an end, Fall has arrived, school is in full swing, and I feel like I haven't accomplished much.  I have not taken many pictures over the last month that's for sure, and crafting and building projects haven't happened either.  I have organized, and I have cleaned and deep cleaned.  I have baked and baked and baked.  Camp has not been visited in a very long time, and I miss that more than I can express.  Hubby has been super busy lending himself out to anyone with a building, demolition, renovation type project there is.  I have acquired a wonderful collection of old doors, I love old doors, and free old doors is even a bigger love.  Pinterest has absorbed so much of my time lately that I am embarrassed to tell you just how much time I have spent searching and pinning so many different ideas, pictures, recipes and DIY things.  I have been working on a little something for myself.  A dream I have had for a couple of years now, and I just lack the courage and self confidence to make that dream happen, and yet I continue to work on it, in hopes that the moment will strike and I will follow thru with what I would love.........

The kids are busy that's for sure.  My oldest is 13 and she is fully involved in her cheer leading. Three times a week plus a tumbling class makes for a busy time, add a school sport or two in there and she really has no spare time to add another activity to.  My other two kids want to do an activity or two, but I'm holding off for a little while longer.  I feel a little guilty in doing so, but they haven't harassed me too much with the nice weather holding out so they can ride their bikes and  play outside with friends, so until the weather takes a turn I will be happy the way things are.  All of my kids are fish like, so swimming will be on the for sure list, plus maybe a trampoline class or hip hop adventure.

The fall is my favourite time of year, and my motivation usually kicks into high speed, but not so much this year.  I am enjoying and over indulging in staying home, I love the comfort and familiarity of my surroundings.  I have been working on a list of things to do in my home, and crafting and redecorating a little are written on said list.  I have made a few sweater pumpkins and love them.  They are easy to make and love how they look in my home.  Fall decor will break out in a full explosion this week when my kids are in school, after a volunteer day at school and another day at the soccer field cheering on my youngest two kids at the school tournament, plus a couple of appointments in there   OK, I am hoping praying that a fall explosion will happen this week.  I know baking will be happening.  My plan is for peach muffins with a streusel topping and lemon coconut oatmeal cookies.  Pictures to follow in my next post.  Maybe that will be motivation enough to get somethings done and share with you.

Happy Fall time everyone
Chat soon