Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy Monday

Well what a weekend we had here.  The weather cooperated so the kids could play outside almost all weekend.  The trampoline got a workout as did all the kids that used it, friends and cousin had fun out there.  They hauled an old mattress outside to practice flips and hand springs on the ground and what ever else they could come up with, and HEY, as long as no one got hurt, let r rip....have fun :) I too had a great weekend, too little time and too much to get done, plus have some fun with the kids, whew....I installed a little drywall, patched and painted, hung some shelves and reorganized my craft room/area all by myself and got it all done in an evening while hubby was at work.  I did make sure to send him a text photo showing my efforts and assured him that my shelves were level. hahaha....I could only wait so long before I had to tackle it myself.  I completed a few crafty things, managed to treasure hunt at our rural refuse, disposal, junkyard, dumping ground,  whatever you want to call it, area and found a few items to suit my fancy.  The old mattress is not allowed to be dropped off in dumping ground yet as the kids "need it" to practice their acrobatics.  We had an item swiped by a fellow treasure hunter, grrr, but, you snooze you lose right?  We never put it in the truck, we just admired it and left it to search for more and as we returned we found it in the back of some one else's truck :(  It was a busy hunting day out there, as the rain held off for the hunters to wander in awe at the awesome finds.  I also found some treasures at our local Habitat Restore, all totalling $4, yup, they were having a sale, oh what luck.  How fantastic for me and my creative side.

I did not cook too much this weekend, it was just too busy, I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but that was about all I did from scratch. We had hot dogs and Kraft Dinner, and carried on with fun times instead.  I did come across some lemon chips in my grocery adventures and will try those out today in a new batch of cookies.  I noticed this morning, the small amount of those little, yellow, yummy buds of goodness (say that five times fast) I purchased, has gotten smaller in the bag, hmmmm.... thinking some child of mine must have been nibbling over the course of the weekend, on a water bottle fill up run.  Heehee, they do taste yummy and hope they make for some great cookies, (only a half batch now,) but it is just a tester round to see how they bake up and taste, so no biggie.

My Keurig was my best friend this weekend, late movie nights and early morning play times made for a coffee mug huggin Mom, that's for sure.
My daughter Larissa purchased my K-cup carousel (with her own money) as a surprise for me, I hadn't done so because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, but with that sweet gesture I absolutely love it.  I have also been loving my rustic board signs lately and have a few others made up to sell, or give away, I have no idea, I just don't have anymore wall space suitable.  I just made them and love them.  I used old pine boards, stencilled words, distressed, stained them, and wax finished them and ta da...I do get quite a hand cramp in creating my stencils but I love the different fonts out there.  I print out the words from my computer, cover in packing tape, use a self healing cutting board and scalpel cutting knife and you have a great reusable stencil.
I should get a move on I guess, gotta catch up on my favourite blogs since it is raining outside, and
I am going to roast a chicken today to make up for my lack of chefness this weekend, and get my bakery going soon, cookies, muffins and I'm feeling a need for something chocolatey with a side of extreme yumminess, so I haven't decided yet on that but I must make something.  As well as sitting at my sewing machine to fix a few pieces of clothing and make some pillows with my stack(s) of sweaters needing a new purpose.  (my hubby commented on the PILE in my room this weekend) I must admit it is growing, oops, how did that happen.
Have a great Monday my friends and hope you stay dry and and have a chance to smile at something on this new start to the week.  Please share your smiles with me as I love a great story.  I had to smile last eve at the clutsiness of one Walmart worker.  Her mind must have been elsewhere because she walked right into one of those curly, winding, cord things, they put across the cashier lines to block them off.  Ya it snapped her back in a jiffy, I'm just glad others have moments like that and I am not the only one.  Happy Monday everyone

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