Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday chair redo

I am so thankful that it is Friday today.  We have had rain like everyday,for more days than I would like, my hands were getting sore from  Arc building.  But seriously, roads have been washed out, and well over 400 homes without power ( I just couldn't remember the very large number reported on the news this morning)  We survived, although our lawn needs a mowing again already, yeesh.  Only a glimmer of blue sky and a tiny beam of sunshine throughout the day, so I risked it and put a load of laundry on the clothes line, whew...all dry and no droplets.  Our forecast is still rain in the near future for us, but my wallet was thankful that mother nature dried my clothes for me and not the dryer.  Laundry is beginning to pile up, and I hate using the dryer!!

OK, so I have had this old wicker chair for some time now, it was being stored, then my sister in law had it, and now it has returned to reside at my home.  I put it outside this fall/winter at my front door and threw a fleece remnant over the seat cushion.  Come spring I put a chunk of fabric over it again, but yesterday I decided to do something for real to it.  Now I can sew, yes, and I have done some simple upholstery stuff, but I change my colours with the seasons or even more often if you were to ask my hubby :)  So here is the seat cushion in all it`s loveliness without any new fabric applied;

What do you think of the old fabrics, nice huh....Bahahaha!  Now I had one colour scheme in mind when I was en route to the fabric store and I came out with something else entirely, and of course more than I went there for.  That place is worse than Walmart for sucking me into buying more than what was on my list.  Ugh... I have certain colours that are my faves, and this fabric just began calling me from the depths of the remnant bin...Seriously, I could hear it, (have I mentioned the crazy me, lol, my kids do think I`m abnormal)  :)  Anyway long story short I took a very `Simple` approach to this project because of my ever changing mind.  I pinned the fabric to the bottom of the cushion and I sewed the pillow cover but left the bottom open a bit to switch it up easily come my next itch for new fabric.  *sigh*

The chair was my Grandfather`s and it is heavier than it looks, I can`t bring myself to paint it just yet, so it is in it`s natural state of lovely.   The pillow is stuffed with cotton batting I think, like the old stuff, it is also a bit on the heavy side for a pillow and will not blow away.  My front entrance is well covered so it is mostly out of the elements, except of course with last nights torrential down pour and winds, bleh.
Hope you like it, and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  I have more sewing projects on my agenda since I have dusted off my sewing machine and pulled off the cobwebs.
Chat soon,

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