Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy May Long Weekend

Well, Friday has arrived and I haven't done too much this week.  My rhubarb jam has not been made, but, hopefully today!! I have to get that large bag of sugar off my counter (I leave it there to annoy myself and that way I will get it done)(eventually)
My two youngest kids had their Jamboree, a collective dance and music routine put on thru the Public School Board here, consisting of 17 schools participating.  Our school practiced three times a week, during their lunch break and they were absolutely fantastic.  The kindergarten teacher (who happens to be my very good friend Cathleen) choreographed the routine and did a fantastic job, for her first time.  And she was worried, was awesome, the kids had a great time, all smiles and energy.
the start of my kids school routine, they are an awesome bunch of kids :)
All the schools participating were fantastic.  So nice to see all the kids coming together and each others interpretation of the theme.  Anyway that was a late night for the kids, and by that eve once we got home, all my kids were a little lacking in the immune system department.  boohoo...Medication all around and fingers crossed. 
My parents celebrated their 37th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday May 17th;
a beautiful day in 1975 ♥
I love them so much and so wish they lived here, I chatted with my Mom on the phone and so wished we were in my living room with a cup of tea.  They leave soon for an awesome and most deserved adventure to London, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, I'm so excited for them.  I will be taking care of their little dog Misu for the three weeks, and I'm excited about that too.  I absolutely love my dog, but Misu is a little dog and she loves to cuddle on my lap.  Now my dog T-Bone would like to do that as well, but he is a tad bit on the larger side for such a thing, lol.  I usually sit on the floor and allow him to climb all over me.  He is my bestest buddy.
Is he not the most handsome dog ever?  After having to put our old girl, 'Hunter', down a few years ago, we made a journey to our local Humane Society, to "look" at dogs, and most certainly not get a puppy, and "not" rush into things and leave with any animal what-so-ever!......well....we most certainly did leave with an animal, and this animal happened to be a puppy and we named him T-Bone.  Turns out it was a great decision and he is truly a terrific dog member of our family.  Just wouldn't be the same around here without a four legged creature to great you and stick by your side.

I should get on with things I guess, my to-do list is getting longer, and the days keep whizzing by.  I managed to come into a heck of a deal, a free pedestal table, that needs some TLC, which I am willing to give it, I have wood to be made into more signs and trays, already have a few people to give them to, my yard has been neglected, weeds to pull, flowers to plant, a small veggie garden bed to build, as my son is itching to get his veggies planted, and many more to-do things as well as have some good times, good laughs and good food this weekend with friends and family.  Gah!!! Rhubarb jam to make, yeesh, OK, I'm heading out to my patch to pick some now.  In closing I came across this pic that actually made me laugh out loud, sorry I can't remember if it was from facebook or another blog, but either way it was funny to me and about sums up how my mind has been functioning lately, I just had to share.
Have a super fantabulous weekend everyone, will post if I ever get my jam made and let you know how it went.  Hugs to all.

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