Tuesday, 15 May 2012

mmmm Rhubarb

Well finally, up here in the north, my rhubarb has grown to picking size, and today I baked a rhubarb cake, rhubarb muffins and stewed some rhubarb.  I have a hardy little patch that just keeps growing year after year.  Hubby took the cake to work to share with the guys, so tomorrow I will bake another.  Let's just say that my kids voiced their opinion as Dad walked out of the house with the dish in his hands.  Rhubarb jam is also on the agenda for tomorrow, yummm, can't get enough, and I need to make a couple of batches so I can share a few jars.

Oh my goodness my mouth is watering, the cake turned out perfect, although I never got to even taste it, lol.  I did taste a muffin and yep delicious.  Will drop off a bag full of that tarty goodness to a friend who makes rhubarb wine (hope to get a sample of that) on Friday, and see what other yummy rhubarb recipes I can come up with.  I do recall a most scrumptious rhubarb slush recipe, hmmm where did I put that...
Do you love rhubarb, any favourite recipes?  Please share :)

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