Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day

I haven' t been on here in a few days, not much to report as far as myself is concerned.  I had my whirl wind trip to Minnesota, put on quite a few miles, and don't wish to sit in a vehicle for any length of time any time soon, yeesh, my tushy was getting sore, lol.  Now the main purpose of our trip was to buy a boat for hubby, and that is what we did.  I did get my hopes up that I would be able to stop and browse a few shops, possibly purchase a few rusty, interesting, vintage pieces for my "collection", but alas I was brought down to reality as my husband past exits that lead to such wonderful places. He was on a mission and my ideas were far from his mind.  I tried to remind him of the old, but true saying, "happy wife, happy life", but.....ya, he had me on ignore :)  All he had on his mind was boat, boat accessories, and more boat.  You see, he used to have a boat, a truly wonderful boat, blah, blah, blah.....he just wants another boat, not a fancy boat, but something to keep him afloat and enable him to catch fish, a motor to get him off a lake quick enough so as not to flood such a boat in a very quick onsetting down pour of a storm (not that I've ever experienced that in our present day tiny boat with tiny motor, ha ha)  He is not looking to race others to the "hot fishing spot" or anything, so really I should be pleased that he was not looking to spend millions of dollars on a boat, and to find just the right deal, but one stop, one tiny stop at an antiquey, vintage, goodwillish type of place is all I was asking............. OK enough whimpering from me *sigh*
It was nice just to get away and restock the homestead on items we cannot purchase here at home.  On our return I had laundry to catch up on, cooking to do, baking, oh and more laundry of course, followed by assisting in cleaning up the newly purchased boat.  Yes, I did help him clean up the dang boat.  He knows that my OCD side will take over, and it will look brand new in no time, he knows how to suck me in to helping him out, heehee, I do like to clean (yes crazy I know)
Now I should mention that I  did find a totally cool item, or I should say items at TJMaxx.  Tins that look vintage, they came in a 3 pack and I HAD to have them.  If it was my one and only "old" or made to look old item, then so be it.  Whew, I made a purchase just for me.....finally. 
Oh, on the highway on our way home I may have mentioned once or twice or 13 times that I never got to stop at any "shops" that I wanted on the whole trip, oops, did I do that??  So as we approached a place along the highway that always has some treasures out for purchase, my wonderful hubby pulled over and handed me some cash, so I did not hesitate, I grabbed the dough and ran.  Now this little place is also located next to a boat/snowmobile/quad/ rental sales business, but whatever, I got to wander around without rushing and make a few purchases to satisfy me :)  I didn't go over board, as she didn't have all her inventory out as usual due to our unpredictable weather we have up here in the north, but she had a few blue Ball jars with zinc lids, that I've been wanting more of, *giggle giggle*
I only took a pic of one of the tins, as I already have the others elsewhere in my house.  I thought about including a pic of the boat, but...............bah so not necessary.  I am putting a load of laundry on the clothes line and going to round up my youngins to pick up garbage around our yard and on our road for Earth Day, televisions are turned off and I will be shutting down my laptop as well, be well mother earth, we really do love you even if we don't always show it :)

OK I had to include this totally cute picture I found on a friend's facebook page, my family and I will be making this at our Happy Place this summer, we already have a bucket of smooth rocks, courtesy of our fabulous Lake Superior, just waiting to be placed on a weathered wood board :)

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