Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Really? Another yukky day outside....

Well the weather is the pits, yet again.  Our snow is gone and the temperature is up, which is a good thing, but now we are back to pouring rain.  I hate to complain about that really, as we need our water levels to rise and it only helps prevent forest fires and makes thing grow, but it brings me down.  I do get things done indoors which makes me smile.
This is how I started my morning.  I love Alstromeria flowers they last a long time, and aren't very expensive either, and, who doesn't like tulips in the spring.  I needed the bright yellow colours to perk me up, oh and my coffee too of course :)
So as the rain comes down outside I found myself in my "studio" heehee (that still cracks me up) with my coffee working on a couple of things.
First item up for a make over is these plastics drinking cups.  Maybe you also have one or two on hand, well we have more than a couple...Promotional give aways from businesses.  Well I don't really care for all the businesses, but I'm not going to turn down a freebie either.  So with a little tape, acrylic paint, stamps and clear varnish, voila new customized drink cups.  My kids loved my "simple things" cup and wanted one too, so I painted their favourite colours in a stripe over top of the business name and have stamped their names and a cute symbol on them and they have their very own cup.  Make sure to use small pieces of tape as you tape around the cup, due to the roundness and taperedness ? you must work in small bits.
Second item of the day are these mini chalkboards, aren't they cute?  I painted some of the frames, used little stamps with a white stamp pad to look like chalk, and embellished them.  Use as a Christmas ornament, decoration around the home, gift tags, or glue a magnet to the back and you have a fridge magnet.  So many possibilities....Anyway,that's what I did this morning, and now here I sit in a hotel after serving pizza at school and being surprised with a totally spur of the moment trip to Minnesota with my hubby and son.  I received a text from him while I was at my kids school handing out pizza to the kids.  OK, why would I turn down a trip where I know I can find some most awesome vintage "junk/antiquey" treasures on our way to the boat town, where ever that is?  As much as I am excited for hubby, I am really more excited for my possible purchases.  My girls are hangin with their aunt for a couple of days, they made the choice to remain home and go to cooking class and school on Thursday (Friday they don't have school, PA day) Unfortunately with packing so quickly I did find that on our arrival at the hotel, I packed the wrong swim suit :(  Ya the bottoms have been over chlorinated, have you ever had that happen, that stretchy sheer appearance, ready for the trash!  It got it's last use in a pool this eve, that's for sure, good bye to them.  I also forgot a hairbrush, my long thick hair really does need a brush, yeesh, but I made do and used my straightener and fingers and braided my mop to hide that fact that I have no brush.  Jeez now I have to make a trip to Target, oh poor me, lol...
Will update on how the trip went on my return home on Friday, see you soon.

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