Thursday, 12 April 2012

Here I go...

Well, I have thought long and hard on this and here I am, taking the plunge to begin a blog, who'd a thunk it.  I've been following a few blogs for a while now, and have loved the reads, pics, and general sincerity and openness of the women I have followed.  They have inspired me more than I thought possible.  I have a busy chaotic life with three kids, a husband, full time job (hubby and I work opposite rotations of 4 on 4 off) plus a dog (T-Bone) a couple of fish and a couple of hermits crabs, just for fun!  I've always liked simple things, truly I am a hippie deep down, lol.

As T-dog nudges my hand for attention, I don't even know where to begin.

I can back track a few days to Easter and what our goings on were;
My Easter Vignette
I should give some credit to a couple of blogs that inspired me, because if it weren't for these couple of  women I certainly would not be writing this right now.  Diana at Our Vintage Home Love is absolutely fantastic.  Her home is so welcoming, and her ideas are an ispiration and motivation to me.  Shannon at {aka}design is also another fave of mine, with super ideas, and I have to say, I can relate to most of what she says and does, lol. 

OK so the long weekend was upon us and what should we do;  well decorate eggs of course, I won't post the pics of that event as I didn't take many.  We may have had the odd spillage of coloured water here and there, which I cleaned up with a white and pink tea towel.  Yup, I did, so I then proceeded to dip the towel in all the colours of water/dye so as to have a memento......well the towel cleaned up so well, not a drop of dye on it after washing.  The kids thought I was a bit crazy dipping it in the colours, but hey might as well have some fun too, oh well we now know the colours are washable, haha.

Dinner was of course an engorgement of all the fixings and a buffet of desserts, mmmmm....
Yes I made a bunny cake, I HAD to.  Isn't it cute, and made of butter pecan, yummm, it was tasty too.  Made some bird nests but used some goodies that we like.  The nests are made out of Hickory Sticks, pretzels, and some coconut, add some melted chocolate and holy yum :)  Had to chase down the bag of Hickory sticks from my son, who caught me at a weak moment while melting the chocolate in a double boiler.  He asked if he could have some, I said yes and he said thanks..... off he went with the bag, needless to say there wasn't as many Hickory sticks in the nests as I would have liked but that salty mix with the sweet of the chocolate was simply deelish.  Add a few other treats with a side of coffee, and, ugh, good thing I thought ahead to wear stretchy leggings to the family dinner.  Haha!  But seriously thank goodness :)

Well I think that's all for now, gotta get a few things done around here, but will return shortly, hope you enjoy your day, the sun is shining here, going to put some laundry on the clothes that fresh outdoors scent that you can't get from a bottle of dryer sheet.

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