Monday, 16 April 2012

Well, well, well...

Well, we had a great weekend, started a bunch of projects all at once and none are completed yet, ha ha.  In good time :)  My oldest slept at her BFFs all weekend, and the other two played outside, blew bubbles, made a fort in the bush.  We ended our Sunday with a fantastic cupcake making/decorating adventure.  My youngest daughter loves to cook and bake and she received a "Topping Tornado" for her birthday, and we finally had the perfect day to give it a whirl (get it?  a whirl, tornado? corny yes, I'm sorry)  I have to say that it worked much much better than I thought it would, it spread the sprinkles out perfectly.  The cupcakes were yummy and all the kids chose which sprinkles they wanted and set them free in the tunnel.

So the Tornado and toppings were all purchased at Michael's.  Just in case you feel inclined to buy one too :)  It is super easy to use and contains most of the mess inside.  The red tray inside collects all remaining sprinkles to be used on other cupcakes.  Easy Peazy!

Now for today, well it poured rain all night, and then went below zero, about a centimetre of snow fell overnight, and the roads are icy, therefore our rural schools are closed and no buses are running in the city either.  Sooooo ALL my kids are home today and my plans are put on hold, *sigh*.  Not sure what we will do today yet, but I'm sure we will come up with something.  Like...finish a couple of things I started yesterday, maybe make a couple of other things.  My hubby got the old Honda dirt bike running, was supposed to be a drawn out project but once started it had to get done, only now no  riding in this snowy, yukky, slushy stuff.  Maybe some more work with the oak boards I came across?? hmmmm.
I came across a heck of a deal on a bundle of solid oak boards, couldn't pass it up truthfully, and I came up with a style of cutting board I wanted.  Made a "normal" size one and a smaller individual size one, that I totally love.  Maybe a couple of long ones for baguettes, small ones for cheese, possibilities are endless.  Who knows??
On another note, I have been playing around with Picasa as you may have noticed with my pictures.  Just having fun with the features is all, finding my fave.  I don't usually tweak my photos but love some of the new things they came out with.  That's all for now.
Again, thanks for stopping by, will return soon.
I have to say that the planter/cup and saucer and the plant were a gift from my sister last year for Mother's Day, actually my nephew's idea, love love love it, unfortunately, I left it outside over the winter and the cup literally shattered and I am so totally bummed out, so, as a constant reminder of that awesome gift I am inculding it on my blog until I get an equal replacement (hopefully the same design)  It was beautiful.  Ok now I'm done :) 

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