Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Yukky weather day

Well yesterday did not go as planned, that's for sure!  After our super yukky weather overnight, and the kids staying home all day, I never got all my "to do" items done, but the kids sure had a great time.
This is what we woke up to, now it doesn't look like much, but under that dusting of snow is a layer ice, which covered all the roads, highways etc...our driveway had a couple of massive puddles of slushy, yukkiness.  Highways were closed, no buses running, and we stayed home ALL day :)  Now look at that poor, very rotund robin, poor guy didn't know what hit him, searching frantically with all his buddies for any kind of food like substance :)  And, we were snug and warm indoors.

After a few episodes of kids shows the kids were bored and I was pulling out my hair.  Hopefully I got a few of those nasty white ones (I skipped the grey stage, lol) seriously.  The girls decided to make ??? Yup more cupcakes, but this time they wanted each cupcake to be different, I don't mean different icing or sprinkles, I mean different flavours. *sigh*  In yet another vulnerable moment, I gave in. I gave them my basic, yet yummy vanilla cupcake recipe that they could alter and create their master pieces from.  So that's what they did, for the entire afternoon.....my kitchen had been taken over and I wasn't allowed in.  Their brother was somehow coerced into being chief dishwasher, and his payment would be, being "allowed" to taste the cupcakes.
So here are their creations after baking, each one a different flavour.  All I know is there is a marble one, coffee flavoured one and strawberry/blueberry one.  Only because I came to refill my coffee when those were being made and I overheard, shhhh....The one with sprinkles was actually baked with some kind of icing and sprinkles on it, looks good enough to eat already :)  My memory card to my camera was "swiped by Dad" so a picture of finished cupcakes was not available after all their hard work.  But this morning I rounded them all up, and, voila;
Yes all the cupcakes are there today, due to an over indulgence of icing by my kids, and, no wish to taste them when all were completed.  So, after school today, will be the Great Cupcake Tasting Adventure.  They all had fun and for the most part contained the mess and cleaned up after.

As for myself.  I worked on a few projects that I had started on Sunday..  I got a few things completed, but my wood worker was more interested in a certain Honda Dirt Bike.  Uh huh, how dare he work on that during my time, yeesh......hahaha, I guess I can give him a break every now and then, but this is not a union organization, I don't have ta :)
All kids are at school today and I am on my way down to my studio, Bahahaha!  My "studio" now that cracks me up, it's a dream of mine really, and maybe one day I will share only one pic of my work area with you, but not yet.  A studio it is not, that's for sure, hahaha I'm still laughing at that, I think that term will stick, my kids will get a kick out of it I'm sure.  Just a little info on my work "area", I moved some things around and put a table in the furnace room, you read that correctly, furnace room.  With all of our square footage in our house, that's all I get!  So I am making do and making the best out of a small, odd space :) *deep breath* I do have a built in magnet board tho, that duct work comes in handy for my clothes pin magnets holding my template and tags :) Heehee!
I would like to let you in on a wonderful site I discovered not long ago, it's the Online Fabric Store, I placed my order and not long after, it arrived, and I was more than satisfied.  My main reason for the order was some burlap and sisal sacks.  I have loved them forever, but here in the north, they are hard to come by, and even harder to find at a reasonable price.  Well, they had them, and I ordered them.  I got a few large ones that the kids can use for sack races, and yes of course, my son and a friend of his did put them to use immediately after I unwrapped them.  I had a few remnant, green coffee beans scattered around my home for a while, hahaha.  Here is what I have done with them, so far that is;
They are hanging in my front entrance on a rustic ladder, purchased at Vintage Pixie Studio, have to say that after taking the pic I noticed that heart (also purchased at the Vintage Pixie Studio) needs to be raised, lol, I can't believe with my OCD that I have not noticed that before, anyway...that is how I will end things for today....the sun is shining, but, we still have some snow on the ground, it was cold this morning, and I feel like uncovering my rhubarb with my hair dryer to see a sign of spring again. 

oh well...

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