Friday, 22 June 2012

TGIF...time for fun

Thank goodness it's Friday!!  The last two weeks have been on fast forward, I swear, yeesh.  It's the same thing every June around here.  School is crazy busy for the kids and myself, as I volunteer there quite a bit, and organize for the start of the next school year a little as well.  Fund raising ideas, hot lunch ideas, and our annual end of year June BBQ for the students and families.  I love our small rural school, such an awesome bunch of families.  My kids all did well at track and field this Tuesday past, and were rained out on Wednesday, post-poned for today, and a most sunny, beautiful day it looks to be.

So those are pics of my front driveway newly made pond, from the rain we had recently.  Yet again we were so very lucky here as that was the worst of it, for us anyway, Duluth, Minnesota got hit hard.  Our sister city to the south of us, received so very much rain in such a short time frame, their flooding was disaster like.  Roads, homes, businesses, destroyed.  The Zoo was flooded, and animals lost.  So sad, and my thoughts and prayers go out to all those that were affected in Northern Minnesota from all the rain.  Mother Nature can be cruel at times.   We did manage some sun here yesterday and a nice breeze to allow me to catch up on some laundry.  I am on the cheapo side and don't run my dryer if I don't need to, therefore sunny days are needed to dry my many loads of laundry that is a normal part of my life in this house.  You may also note in my pics the lack of real lawn in the front.  Well due to my hubby building his very manly garage man cave last fall, and digging trenches to run electrical from the house, the dirt/lawn/weeds/rocks is what I have to deal with at this time.  Boats and whatever else are a higher priority than the lawn kind of project I guess, lol....all in good time.  The sun is shining and I must get a move on to my kids Track and Field.  I will apply my sunscreen as I do not wish to fry myself into a Tomato like human form.  I may bring a blanket to sit on this time, as those bleachers are not most comfy, go figure that hours sitting on your butt on a flat piece of wood would not be comfortable, Ha!  Have my water bottle by my side and my voice tuned to cheer all the kids on from a distance, my fingers are limber so as to belt out a whistle or two and embarrass my own children as others think I'm cool that I can whistle so loudly like that, heehee.  I look forward to relaxing with my family this weekend, and may even venture out in hubby's boat for a cruise.
I am including a link to a favourite blogger of mine Diana at Our Vintage Home Love she inspires me and her ideas are amazing, a very warm welcoming home and she recently posted about a vintage window that she hung, I love the black and the size.  I too have an old window hung in my home.  Now I have to say, that took me some convincing my hubby that it would be a wonderful addition to our home, he always doubts my ideas, yeesh :)  So here is Diana's pic, followed by my pic.  I wish my window was the size of hers, but those are so very hard to find.  She really did score one there.

Happy Friday everyone, chat soon

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