Monday, 18 June 2012

June, going, going almost gone....

Well, this is where I haven't been in a while.  The month of June is going by a little too fast for my liking.  I've been having a roller coaster ride with my emotions lately, feeling a little overwhelmed to be honest.  And, with a few too hours in a day, and not being as organized as usual, I have been a little frustrated to say the least.  I don't even know where to begin.  My yard work has finally been completed, my parents returned from their UK adventure vacation with many great memories and new friends made, I am no longer dog sitting for them (and I'm a little sad about that) my kids activities and field trips, sports etc have increased for this month, as everything winds up until the next school year, my parents hit a deer and wrecked their vehicle on their drive home from here, so I ventured to go and retrieve them out the highway and they stayed one more night at my place while they picked up their rental vehicle and repacked it with their luggage, etc...(no one was hurt or injured, thank goodness) my hubby bought another new boat after selling his old/new boat which he bought only weeks ago. 

I guess that is where I will start.  On our adventure to pick up, yet another boat, we travelled to Northern Wisconsin.  The original plan was to leave after my husband finished work one day and stay overnight somewhere in the US to reduce how much we had to drive in one shot.  Well, who ever follows thru with the original plan, really?  I was packed and lunches and meals were arranged, things were organized, and my husband comes in the house, from doing what ever it was he was doing in his garage, around 8:00pm and says to me, because I'm looking anxious and ready to ride, you weren't thinking of leaving tonight were you?  Really?  Seriously?  What the...?!  Now here's the thing, when I travel anywhere, for any length of time, I organize over the top, I clean, and tidy up the house, so when I return I don't have to do any of that kind of thing.  My girls were staying home, and I gave my parents the run down, we were only going for one night, so they were good to look after themselves until we returned home.  Throw those plans out the window, sheesh.....He picked up the phone and called his sister to arrange for her to watch our girls overnight while we were away the next evening, and there I was left feeling frustrated, grrrr.  *breath*  The next morning after a quite evening at home, we were to set off on our adventure, the girls went off to school, we said good bye to my parents, yet again, as they drove off in their rental vehicle, and away we went.  Driving, driving, driving, my son was occupied with watching numerous episodes of the Amazing Race on the laptop,  I was busy noting places I wanted to stop at on our way home, and finished up reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy *sigh*.  My hubby was anxious to get to the boat.  We crossed Minnesota, Michigan and into  Wisconsin, finally our destination.  And it was not to disappoint.  The boat was great, the people were so very friendly, giving up a tour of their camp, offering us a beverage, and giving us more than just a boat, we got a tube, tow rope, water skis, and another pull behind inflatable.  What a deal :)  We then proceeded to drive a couple more hours back and find a hotel.  I was pooped, couldn't even add straight, I was having difficulty absorbing what the girl at the front desk was trying to tell me, yikes a tired blond moment, at least she laughed and didn't get angry with me, I could hardly see straight.  Anyway we got a room, the boys went for a quick swim and I crashed, can't even remember them coming back to the room.  I decided in the morning, that I quite liked Northern Wisconsin and would like to return soon and check it out further.  My breakfast was $1.99, and yummy, including Star Bucks Coffee, yum again.  We hit the road and stopped at a few of my noted stops, including a drive-in A&W, Yay!  My son thought it was quite cool
he had to have the tray on his window, in the back seat of the truck.  Probably his favourite part of the whole trip.  We carried on and stopped at some shops that I fell in love with.  Vintage, junky, antiquey, homemade goodness all in one.  One most awesome antique store outside some small town, that I didn't even attempt at haggling with his prices, I had a few moments that I thought I should pay him more money, but of course thought again, heehee.  I came away with a few great treasures and all for under $50.00.  Let's just say I plan on returning very soon, for some more. 
Just a sampling of some of my treasures I purchased.  Not my actual ones as they are already distributed in my home, and storage for future, so I clipped a few off Google just so you get the idea.  A few things are missing, and I can't believe I scored it all for such great price, my bestest trip in a long time. 
Hope everyone is doing great out there, and all are healthy.  Hope Father's day went well, I cooked our favourite, most yummy pasta dish and enjoyed cheesecake with the fam.  Another of hubby's faves.  Gotta get back on track and stop eating such yummy treats.
Will chat soon I promise.

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