Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Canada Day and beyond

  Well, what a great time at my Happy Place, school is over for the summer, and we have had some most excellent weather.  I must add, my kids have yet to say "I'm bored"!!  Yay......so far anyway.  Swimming has been number one on our list as our temperatures have been a bit on the high side for us.  Today is supposed to be a scorcher yet again, so being in the water will be a must.  I popped home for a quick stop to do some laundry, replenish a few things, including water to keep us hydrated, and have a quick visit with my parents that came into town to switch up their vehicles, from rental to their own.
   I didn't have time to prep for our Canada Day at home this year, June is always chaotic, but I found this year even more so, I got my house cleaned and my chores done, including all things ready to go to our Happy Place on the Lake, but neglected to decorate for one of our favourite holidays :(  I cheated and hung a Canada Day shopping bag on our front door, weighted done with a few rocks, which intrigued the kids to ask, "what's in the bag, Mom", but that is all I did.  We weren't home at all, so I didn't feel too bad.   My camera is at camp, but just wanted to show you a few of my favourite things of this week past.  Swimming, BBQ, iced tea, swimming, relaxing, sauna, smores, perked camp coffee, friends.
this Canada Day Mantle is wonderful, and makes me wish I had done a little more to my home, but alas, I can just admire it from the picture and hope I can do more next year.  A little inspiration for me, a favourite blog of mine Crow's Feet Chic
another favourite thing of mine, is Peek Frean Digestive cookies, with chocolate on one side of each biscuit.  We use these to make smores.  The chocolate melts perfectly and the digestive cookie is delicious.
small individual bags of Doritos are another fave of ours.  We make individual taco salads and eat right out of the bags.  Everyone adds their own fixings and they are yummy.
one of my most favourite pictures of all time, I am terrible with where I find things online, but she is on etsy somewhere and makes fantastic stamped silver pieces.  If I can track her down I will post later, I promise.
this little pic is also a fave of mine, and a plan for myself and my kids to make today.  I found it on Pinterest.  We have tons of rocks to collect and create these little feet on an old board.  Love it. Love it. Love it.  This is where I will end my post and carry on to my Happy Place.  Have a fantabulous summer, and I will post soon with a few of my very own pics.
Chat soon,

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