Friday, 17 August 2012

Cool winds are blowing...

I sit here in my cozies, with my Sherpa blanket and a warm cuppa decaf, the window open just a touch as a cool breeze blows in.  I am in denial that the end of August is fast approaching and the first day of school will be upon our family once again.  We have had some fun times at camp, swimming and fishing, laughs with family and friends, memories were made, and now, trying to fit in as much as we can during the last couple of weeks of the month.  I am finding it tough to fit in a family trip for our annual back to school shopping.  It may have to be in September with coordinating the kids schedules and appointments and fitting in a couple of more nights at camp.  The kids all figure that is just wrong and what's the point........*sigh* oh the joys.  Is it really so wrong to do back to school shopping once the kids are already back to school?  I think we may just squeak in a short over night (or two) adventure and purchase a few things, it always works out somehow.......

I 'm going to open up and tell you that this summer has not all been good, fun times.  To be honest, life has shot us some lemons this year and thank goodness lemonade is one of my favourite summer drinks.  (I even bought a couple of glasses from a couple of young entrepreneurs set up along the roadside on a warm summer day.)  I think we were given enough lemons to make lemon tarts, pie, lemon curd, lemon loaf and even lemon bars.  Yeesh........ we have survived and I thought maybe a few humorous pics would about cover my thoughts;

As my hubby and I celebrate 15 years married today, and we reminisce about all we have done together, and how much stronger our relationship has become, I realize that the lemons we have been handed really aren't as plentiful as I originally thought.  Life will always have it's ups and downs, and continue to challenge us.  We will survive :)

OK, that's enough, on to smiles and happier thoughts.  I really don't wish for summer to end, but I gotta tell you that Fall is my favourite season.  I noticed a few days ago that the leaves on the maple trees at camp are beginning to change already due to our cool temperatures at night.  That got me thinking.....  I love to wear cardigans cover ups, sweaters and hoodies.  I love comfy cozy clothes and warm blankets, tea or coffee in the evening.  Making homemade soups and biscuits, cooking and baking.  Decorating for fall as the leaves begin to change colours, the smell of apples and cinnamon, pumpkins and basically, all things fall.  I have had too much time away from all things crafty and homemade.  I have collected some furniture treasures that need my attention, and a list of projects that need to be tackled.  So, that being said, once school starts in September I will have more time to myself and more time to get things completed.  Maybe I really do want summer to be over, shhhh, did I really say that?  Oh the fall breeze blowing the leaves and the sunsets at an earlier time, a crackling fire to stay warm with a hot cup of apple cider, mmmmm.  Apple cider, Apple pies, Apple crisp, Apple sauce, and Crab apple jelly.  That's a whole other post.
Stay warm and cozy my friends,

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